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wow.livejournals are getting reallly old now...so...comment and add me on muh myspace-www.myspace.com/xodevinxo2.well...i am sooo happy tomorrow is friday!!yess.i went to church last night...it was sooo fun!!i saw casey...we like freaked when we saw eachother...b/c we haven't seen eachother in like 3 weeks...it was quite funny actually:)-lol-...i would like to give some shoutouts... casey-iloveyousoooomuch...we need to hang out more outside of church-lol-...i can NOT wait till next saturday...oh yahhh!!:) daniel-u + casey=awwwww and ♥.-lol-...happy early birthday!! michael-iloveyouman.you are my best frand.ur just sooo freaking awesome♥ alexis-i had soo much fun tues. night and wed....even though we almost DIED wed. gah i can't believe we flipped over in ur go cart...-lol-haha:) umm...well comment hoezZz.haha♥
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