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well...merry christmas!!i got an ipod nano!!it is soo sweet...and i got this huge chair and u can plug ur ipod into it and the chair has speakers in it...it is awesome!!well...yeh i got alot of other stuff too like tons of clothes...4 purses...and just alot of stuff!!well corey called me this morning and wished me a merry christams!!!it was soo sweet!!and he invited me to go with him and his family to his grandparents for christmas dinner get together thing!!yeh his grandparents like asked him to bring me...aww they are so sweet!!but yeh i am excited...yeh i am talking to lex right now b/c she's leaving for her dad's tomorrow!!boo hoo:(well...ummm...yeh corey got me this very pretty heart necklace and a ring!!:)umm i am talking to michael and trey online right now.they are soo kool.but matt is over here trying to help me download songs onto my ipod woo hoo!!i had such a good christmas!!i hope every one else did too:)well i am gonna go comment please!!and tell me what yall got for christmas!!bye comment!!



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