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omg...the lock-out was sooo much FUN...we went bowling first and i was sooooo hyper...lol it was great...we stayed there for 2 hrs. then we went to playstation and we played lazer tag...omg it was sooo much fun and we rollerbladed-lol- then we played lazer tag again and we did stelth where u do lazer tag in complete darkness there was no lights at ALL it was awesome!!then we went to pump it up...ahhh sooo fun...haha 1 of these youth ministers named matt(he is sooo kool)me and casey like took our pants off and we had shorts on and casey and me were like throwing these basketballs at matt and he like pegged us then he like tackled casey then i was standing then he came up behind me and pushes me and he tackles me(and it was weird b/c i had shorts on and he was soo heavy and he's like 30 or sumthing-lol-)haha he is soo funny...then andy one of our youth ministers got this BIG punching glove and hit me then i hit him back and he was like trying to tackle us-lol- then casey,daniel,and me were all laying in this inflatible and we were soo tired then andy and sally(our youth ministers)were talking and i knew sumthing was up then andy jumps on the float thing and yells wake up and starts jumping and stuff then the float thing just colapsed and me and andy were in the corner stuck and we couldn't get out -lol- and andy was like sitting on alexis haha it was soo funny!!i had the BEST time ever!!even though michael wasn't talking t us:(and he ignored us after he said he couldn't wait to hang out with us the whole night!!but w/e...he gave me this reely soft bear and he sprayed like axe on it ahh it smells good and i gave him a reindeer bear thingy??!!??-lol-but idk if he took it home since we all ignored eachother the whole time...and trey is like the kooles t guy ever he is my homie dawg-lol-(inside joke)haha...but..yeh...i am gonna go i've been sleeping all day i am sooo out of it...lol i can't wait till church tonight!!i get to c corey!!ahhh yess!!well comment!! Devin
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