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well...tomorrow night i get to go to church...yay!!me and corey are friends now...yyay!!i am happy about that:)and this weekend is going to be cool...well saturday is daniel's partayy!!and sunday is church and sunday night we go to chuckee cheeses with our church...-lol- FUN FUN!!then mon. we're out of school and we are going downtown to help with ppl with our church...yayyy i am soo stoaked...and plus me and casey are probably gonna spend the night at her house friday...sat. or sun. we don't know yet?!?-lol-:/but yeh it should be fun...well i g2g eat dinner. comment please...and add me on myspace...b/c myspace is cooler than lj's...www.myspace.com/xodevinxo2@hotmail.com --Devin♥
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