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i went with corey last night with his fam. to his grandparents for Christmas dinner!!at first me and corey were bored but then we ate some chocolate and like i swear thye put something in the chocolate or the drinks b/c we were soo hyper...aww his family is soooo nice his grandpa handed me a $10 bill and was like "here you go sweetie" i was like awwww and his grandma got me this reeeely pretty candle holder and a cndle and they gave me some more stuff and corey and his parents got me a bracelet!!they picked me up at my house at like 3:30 and i didn't get home till like 10:30...so i was with him for like 7 hrs. and afterwards his parents invited me to go back to their house and me and corey could watch a movie...but my mom wouldn't let me...ughh...but they asked me if i wanted to go bowling with corey thursday...so yeh...that will be fun!!awwww i like corey like a billion times more...i dunno something about him how he acted last night he was just soooo sweet and he looks soooo cute b/c he got his braces off thurs. i was like awwww!!but yeh he is a sweet-heart!!umm i love it b/c he is jealous b/c he wants my ipod and for those of yall who have seen my room it has pictures of famous actor guys and he saw my room and he was like omg!!-lol- it was hillarious...well now i am excited b/c i might go with him to the mall in a minute!!maybe...hopefully!!well i am gonna go because i am talking to corey right now...so comment. ♥iloveyoucorey♥
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