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all i can say is...i am sooo excited about our lock-out tomorow night!!and then wed. night ur supposed to wear ur pajamas to church and we watch movies and stuf!!and corey is gonna be there and we're gonna give eachother our Christmas presents:)he is soooo sweet<3iloveyoucorey<3well...i hope tomorrow will be fun!!i am looking forward to it most deffinentley.yeh i am sitting at home right now it is mon. and i didn't go to skool b/c i feel like kuhrap:(and i didn't wanna go to tht gay christmas dance so i just decided to stay home. i am bored outa my mind though.but yeh i am watching newly weds with muh sister and my dad went to the mall and he's gonna bring us sum food home..so yeh it's all good!!-lol-...yeh well i am gonna go watch jessica simpson act sTuPiD...comment. iloveyoucorey<3 comment
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