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well...i am like soooo excited tht we get outa skool next week thank god:)well i can not wait till the christmas lock-in tues. for church!!well i am about to go take a shower and get ready to go shopping and buy christmas presents for those special someones-lol- but...yeh...i have NO idea what to get corey.ahh i need help please comment and tell me what yall think i should get corey!!b/c i am like freaking out b/c i have no idea what to get:0 ummm...who all is going to the christmas dance?i don't really wanna go but since it's durng skool i guess i'll go?!?i am soo excited to go to church tomorrow.i can't wait to c corey!!and my best frands--alexis,casey,michael,trey,and like every 1 else!! but yeh my cuzins came to my grandparents house y-day and we're all gonna take my lil' cuz to c santa clause tonight!!aww...but yeh then we'll all probly hang out or w/e...but i am gonna go take a shower now...but remember...comment and tell me what i should get corey(my boyfriend) for christmas.o.k.? thanx bye bye... <3 --Devin
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