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wow.this week has been soo boring.except for last night though at church.omg.i had soo much fun.well u were supposed to bring a $5 gag gift.and every 1 brought like diapers and underwear(lol)ha...neways i brought this big barbie doll head where u put make up on it and stuff haha.well corey bought me a teddy bear with a necklace on it for me it was soo cute. and he won a bear for the gift thing and he gave it to me it was so sweet.ilovehimsoomuch<3 but...yeh...i am goingon a cruise to the bahamas for the mission trip this summer.omg i can not wait.and tuesday is our lock out.we're going to pump it up and bowling and the movies and lazer tag.ahh i can not wait!!except corey can't go:( i am sad about that.then the next night we're havin a pajama movie night at church!!-lol- well my sister is coming home tonight b/c she gets off for christmas break.and she'll probly come eat lunch with me tomorrow.yayy!! well i got to go study for english exams.urgh.comment.oh and p.s. i aced the math exam today.go me!! ilovecorey<3
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